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          YuleLog Ornament
          Collection Database &
          Price Guide

          Start cataloging your Hallmark and Department 56 Collections Today!

          YuleLog 2019 is Available For Purchase!

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          Which Ornaments do I have, where are they,
          and what are they worth?

          The answer is just a few mouse clicks away with the YuleLog Ornament Collection Data Base. To create your inventory, all you have to do is select the ornaments that you own (from a list of all the ornaments produced by Hallmark since 1973 and Department 56 from 1976) and they will be added to your personal list of ornaments. The box and market prices are inserted automatically and you can quickly print an inventory report that will let you know the approximate value of your collection. Use the location fields to keep track of where you store your ornaments and where you display them. YuleLog is extremely easy to use, but rich in features. You will be able to generate reports, perform searches, describe and comment on each ornament. See at a glance which ornaments you have, where they are, and which ornaments you want.


          Price guide includes information for Hallmark Ornaments, Merry Miniatures, and Kiddie Car Classics.


          Department 56

          Price guide includes information for items from 23 different villages, including Snowbabies


          Barcode Scanning

          Barcode scanning is available for recent Hallmark ornaments, making it easy for you to inventory your collection.


          How to Purchase YuleLog

          Available for:

          Windows 7, 8, and 10

          Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra

          Contact Us

          Feel free to send us an email about questions you have operating the program, suggestions for future versions, or general comments on cataloguing your Hallmark Keepsake Ornament/Department 56 Collections. Fill out this form to send an email and we will answer you as soon as we are able to!

             If you wish to submit information about a missing item, please fill out the form at this link instead of sending an email!

          If you are having trouble with the form, send an email to yulelogsean@gmail.com